Frequently Asked Questions

Gimme some of your Stats!

 Well... I'm 19 years old right now, half my stuff is taken at 18 and the recent stuff at 19.  I'm 5'8" which is pretty tall for a girl, especially when I wear heels.  I'm sure you want to know my measurements which are 36C/D for bustline, 26 waist and 36 butt.  Long legs and yes my breasts are real of course!

What exactly will I see on your site? Details please.
Lots of photo and video,
800x1200size photographs & video is in windows media videoand divX.  The wmv is of highest quality; 640x480in resolution up to 4000kb/s bitrates.  Actually there are a few even higher bitrate videos in some clips.   You get to see me as you would if you were watching TV.
My shoots involve fashion,
nudes, toy play, masturbation, and some unique fetishthemes.  I'm not shy to public nudity either, so you see me flashing in all kinds of places!

Chapter 8 volume 2 Video Page:
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Do you airbrush or modify your photos?
The beauty of the Photographers' skill is how his pictures do not need modification.  Along with an attractive model like Me, most of the photos are posted without any airbrushing or color changes.  The images are as they were directly from camera.

Some of the
Chapter 11v1
Photo Page: Members' Area
Can I email You Directly?
Yes, my email is available in the members section.  I reply to all my members emails, and there is a special message board for members as well.  I also want Members' suggestions on outfits, shoots and such!

Do I need to have a broadband connection? 
No, but recommended.  All videos are made into individual clips 20-150 megabytes in size, so they are realistically downloadable for slower connections.  Photos are available in Zip format.

Do you add music to your videos? 
No way.  Its cheezy and lame.  You only hear the me and the background!  I am not sure why others keep editing music in their members' videos, but I don't do it here.

Is there a daily download limit to your site? & are the video clips downloadable? 
No, there is no download limit.  Yes, you can download all the video clips.

Seriously Sexy
Natural Figure!
What are some of the equipment used for the photo/video?

 Photos are taken with Nikon D2x, Nikon D3, and a digital Nikon D100.   Our video camera is the Canon GL2, which will allow us to make quality DVD movies for sale in the future.  I have my own cheapie digital camera for self-portraits and candid pics, and I borrow an older digital video camera from the photographer when I need it.